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Transformer Service SAC, was founded in the year 1997, covering the experience of the flat managerial and technical a space of time of more than 50 years.

Within the field of regeneration, treatment of insulating oils and indirect drying of solid insulation, we are the pioneer company at the national level that provided this type of service with transformer energized; i.e. , during the respective service, the transformer remains in line, with its usual load and without interruptions with the benefits for the user.

In the assembly area of electromechanical power transformers we have been the first company at the national level in mount transformers in the level of 500/220/33 KV, 200/160/120 MVA, in Carabayllo substation in 2010.

Our Company has a modern laboratory for dielectric and physical – chemical of insulating oil test.


Provide a quality, efficiency,speed and security service with the best human group of profesionals, constantly updating with the latest technology.


Be the strategic partner of our costumers and become the best engineering, construction and logistics Enterprise in power projects in Peru, through the commitment with the safety , social responsability and operatinal excellence.

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